Why Solidarity?

The pain of a child bullied at school because of her hijab. The refusal of a home loan or employment because of skin color. Over-policing in a struggling community. Generational trauma caused by the destruction of homes, the theft of land and forced separation of children from their families.    

We are all born equally deserving of love and acknowledgment, dignity and opportunity. We are born interconnected and dependent on the Earth and each other for our health, for our prosperity, for our safety. 

But for too long, too many have believed false stories that said the opposite—that some of us deserve more care or rights than others because of the color of our skin or our culture.  That instead of needing each other, the key to survival is winner takes all.

And for too long, we have turned those false stories into solid structures that perpetuate injustice and advance opportunity for a few at the expense of many.

Yet, through solidarity, we have the power to change those stories and structures that harm all of us. Only by working together can we make our world a beautiful place where we all belong.